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Liquid Gold Award für Liechtenstein Whisky IX (94.5 Punkte)

Der Liechtenstein Whisky IX Pinot Noir wurde in der Whisky Bible 2017 von Jim Murray mit einem Liquid Gold Award ausgezeichnet. Hier der Wortlaut seiner Rezension:

Telser Liechtenstein Single Malt Whisky IX - Pinot Noir Edition Aged 7 Years db (94.5) n23.5 one of the best wine cask noses I have encountered this year: crisp, firm and devoid of off notes. Neither sweet nor dry or, rather, both – equally. One of those ten minute noses which prevents you from moving on with the tasting…; t24 superb delivery with that same firm grape, initially firm, slightly tart and salivating but then softened massively by the texture of the intense malt; f23 a gentle spice fade respects both the fruit and malt camps; b24 the Burgundian edge to this is clean and almost fascinating: this distillery does Pinot Noir-matured malt probably better than any other in the world. A big treat from a small country. 42.5%.


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